Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesday bitch

Gosh. Rishi kapoor is so upset at how sonam and deepika behaved on coffee with karan.

Who the fuck is rishi kapoor? Some chubby actor who wore sweaters till he was 50.

Why is he upset?

Coz the girls said his son needed a stylist. And was not really sexy. And broadly hinted at him being a cheating boyfriend.

So, daddy dear is mad. The girls have insulted the kapoor khandaan.

Well, daddy o, i suggest you let your son fight his own battles. If he can fight villains, and woo chicks in flicks, why the fuck can’t he stand up for himself in real life?

And kapoor khandaan? What is that? The first family of some filmy folks who ate a lot of ghee and shoved all their generations into films.

Which also reminds me, that I have not had butter in two months. And jam as well. Both are part of project ‘no junk in the trunk’. Which mean mc booty cannot fill up my jeans any more than it already does.

And since I’m all filmy today, have any of you guys seen Saif Ali in the Taj Mahal tea ad. Dude, that face is crumbing faster than the poor monument. The cheekbones are out, the cheeks are swallowed up and the huge big nose is all I see. Any more surgery, he and his nose can team up for a double role.

Surgery always reminds me of that Ambani lady. And the monster house they’ve built. I told Z, ‘the top of the house looks like a giant open mouth, that can be seen from any part of the city.’

Z turned around and said, ‘yeah, let me gobble up all your money, and yours, and yours.’

So true.

Oh. And I heard they’ve put a mc donald’s in their mansion. See, that’s the problem with being a third world billionaire.

It all boils down to an alu tikki.


Atrisa said...

They say a couple starts looking like siblings after a while. Do you think Saif's going the Kareena way?

Aloo Tikki. Heh :)

Aneela Z said...

A McDonalds? For real? when I get to Bombay I am going to so drive to their house and say One Happy Meal to go.

Scarlett said...

McDonalds? Really?

Dude, if any one of them eats one more burger, he/she won't fit in that mansion! Have you seen their sizes??!!!

Deepika also said that RK should endorse condoms b/c he loves to use them. Maybe that's what's got Papa fuming?

Aneela Z said...

No, no Scarlett if we believe Mid-Day, THE place to go when it comes to investigative journalism, Ranbir K DOES not like condoms (or so says their reliable source who remains credited as " a bitchy actress".

When it comes to the "upsized" Ambani backsides we should believe that every time they struck oil, McD asked So will you have fries with that?

Tamanna said...

Hmmm. Although I totally agree with the bit about letting Ranbir fight his own battles, it was pretty petty of Deepika to harp on and on about Ranbir like that - he was way more dignified about their relationshio. Anyway I really think all 3 of them are losers. So there!

The knife said...

So RK Sr is a Bong mom huh?

According to fawning De, the exclusive house warming dinner party was shudh Gujarati vegetarian...thank God I wasn't invited

Nitika said...

Money money money, always funny, its a rich mans world...

Aloo Tikki. Lol.

Anita :) said...

Mc Donalds ! Too much huh !

And abt Deepika and Sonam...I saw that episode...it was cheap for them to pass comments like that about another person behind his back on national television...that is also there na... leave Rishi Kapoor... and these girls were murmuring and giggling during the entire show... making it difficult to believe that these were actually actresses in Bollywood !

SwB said...

lol ... it's nice to be reminded how much I love thee!

agent green glass said...

@atrisa: i just saw them on the promos of koffee with karan. and her nose has GROWN!

@aneelaZ: i'm gonna drive in and try, "one crore please"

@scarlett: yeah. but they always have liposuction to fall back on. see, how the mommy shed all her fat.

@aneelaZ: ha ha. Mid-day, the last bastion of investigative journalism. with the Mid-day Mate as the lead undercover agent perhaps.

@tammana: ooh. i liked the girls. at least they said something slightly nasty in public.

@the knife: ha ha. i can imagine a true blue bong going, "okay. this mansion is fine baba, but where is the mangsho."

@nikita: :)

@anita: what can i say, i liked the girls.

@swb: right back at ya.

Mathangi said...

Hahahahahah, what badly need succor this post is! Oh most fun. So de-lurking to say, hilarious. And my sentiments exactly.