Tuesday, February 9, 2010

no time to blog...

... heck, no time to even do my upper lip.

i haven’t written in ages. And i had sort of promised myself that this blog would not be an update on my life.

But, i changed my mind.

And this post is going to be just that.

Actually this post is going to be about the stuff you don’t know about yourself. So in February last year, if you had told me I’d give up my job, and start my own thing I would probably have snorted in your face.

Me? Nobody in my family has ever run a business. I’m a duffer in maths. I have as much patience as the amount of hair amitabh bachchan has. (On his head okay. Yesh...I think I’m going to throw up. I see disturbing visuals in my head) I can be extremely blunt. I cannot say no. I stress over small things. I’m a creative person not a business person. yada yada yada.

And now, I’m all of that. Give or take some. I have a business. Which I absolutely totally love. I don’t really see it as a business though. Sure, I want to make money. But I see it as something that’s freed me. I can make less money than I did, but be so much happier. I carry no angst, suffer no idiots.

And, here’s the thing, I always worry that I don't think about things. I just sort of peer down this cliff and say, “ooh, what’s that thing at the bottom”, and jump. I don’t analyse my life or my actions. I don’t do swot charts. Or weight the consequences.

And we have a really tiny office. Six chairs. Funky wallpaper. An office boy, sorry man, who talks with marbles in his mouth. And our first employee today.

I have no idea how far this will go. And it doesn’t worry me. The only thing I know is some days I wake up and realise that I don’t have to go to an office. But I have to go to my office. And I sort of just laze in bed for five more minutes and grin my head off. And stop myself from pinching me.

Gosh. I think i’m going to get my period. I would never write such a sappy post in my right mind.


Himanshu Tandon said...

All the best on your venture AGG. What line of business it is? Just wondering if I could help. :)

mentalie said...

wow. that's an outstanding mustache, AGG...like any good businessman'll tell you - it's ok to suck at math if you can twirl a mooch like that!

agent green glass said...

@himanshu: its a...oooh...see...this is the part i'm so bad at...okay...its an advertising, design, film making company. ya. that's sort of it. thank you...sure, what do you do?

@mentalie: like it? yeah, i'm a chick magnet! why aren't you answering my msgs? we are on TV!!!!!! mel has been on all eve!

Diwakar Sinha said...

you rock, lady at blogspot for definite..n I'm sure you'l rock in the business as well.
best wishes...

Spaz Kumari said...

that's brilliant! i have similar dreams.

what business do you do? PIMP IT! :D

Saltwater Blues said...

LOL ... Even with the mooch I'd kiss you!

I have no doubt this venture of yours is gonna rock! After all this is AGG we're taling about - how can anything she touch not turn to gold!

Mwahh!! Ewwww ... shave, shave, please shave!!

This is that said...

and yes..I know..I felt the same way but..power to you and power to all of us who try and go their own way..

Divya said...

As much as I hate the expression, you;re clearly being a man about the whole thing. Pic says it all :D

And as long as the wallpaper is funky, eh? :P

Sangfroid said...

Hey Agent! Felt good after reading this.

All the best for your venture :-)

agent green glass said...

@diwakar: thank you : )

@spaz kumari: oh, how i love that name. go for it girl. and i have an advertising and design shop. look for rickshaw on facebook (go to pages, and its in the communication classification). heh heh...you said pimp it.

@SwB: oooh...i knew i made a hot boy ; ) thank you. for signing in to the rickshaw page (yeah, i noticed)
yes, i shd do something about the mooches. mayb grow a beard to go wt it!

@this is that: amen!

@divya: absolutely. stiff upper lip and all. and just wait till you see the wallpaper. i think i'm gonna put up a picture.

@sangfroid: thank you. lots.

Divya said...

Eh... There is no communication classification! That or I'm getting retarded at using facebook of all things. Sigh.

Divya said...

I admit. I'm retarded. Ok bye.

agent green glass said...

damn. try this. http://twitter.com/rickshawonline
shd be able to get to our facebook page from there. and oh, thanks divya : ) mayb i shd jus try and find you on fb. and send ya the page. ok, doing...

Divya said...

Oh the last comment meant I found it. Nice logo :D

agent green glass said...

@divya: see, n i jus came back to say that there are like 6000 divyas!!!! i'm jus going senile.
oh, shall tell the partner about the logo. he'll be pleased.

Divya said...

Yeah I was just gonna say good luck finding me with just my first name :P Try www.facebook.com/divya.ramesh

agent green glass said...

done : )

*Shreya* said...

you know you are hilarious right?????

upper lips hahahhahahahahahahahaha must say hhahahhahahahahaha :D


Meghana Naidu said...

the last time i had faint whiskers, it stopped me form going to a very-much-needed interview
wish i could have pulled off such a fine mooosh. *envy*

already friended your group and stalked your twitter.

do-oooo-ode. the concept rocks!
you rock. *insert serious nod here*

i <3 the whole 'feel frickin amazing' factor bouncing of your words!


Simply Me said...

The mooch says it all :P
All the best for your venture and i love the 5 min u take * grin my head off * ..
You deserve dem rightly sooo !!

Anonymous said...

Aha! Lovely moochie that!
Even your sappy rants rock. All the best AGG. Love your spirit. :)

The knife said...


Anita :) said...

OMG...U really rock!!! It is kind of a dream for me... however u realized ur dream :) congrats..u will soon grow to be a role model for many..including me .

Tamanna Mishra said...

All the best girl! I just gave up my cushy job at a frikking stupidly huge tech firm to start working in a company of 6.. Tomorrow is my last day.. Yayyyy!!! I can sooo relate with this post!

Cheers to all those who have the balls to do something on their own terms!

Meghana Naidu said...

Your post was my 'good luck'

as of today, something amazing's about to get started

details soon ;)
all i say is this whole rocks!


Eveline said...

Or maybe you could leave the mush on. Cos you still look hott. With two Ts. :)
Good luck at this new thing! You're going to be great at it... and you'll find your foothold! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you.

ani_aset said...

woow AGG good good...god bless you with this new venture..its tough for us lesser mortals to actually quit and start a thing of our own..all the best