Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Seriously, after spending most of my adult life wondering how to wear eye-shadow, i’m now clearly becoming a pro at it.

It’s scaring me.

Will I start to crave Louis Vuitton bags?

Will I go to Jamuna Pai for little jabs to restore my wrinkles?

Will the Kareena yoga lady be on my speed dial.

Will I only eat stir fry and shitake and teppanyaki?

Will I go for opening nites and nibble on cheese?

Will I be a dahling? Or a luv? Or a simbo?


Sangfroid said...

Do you?
Will you?

agent green glass said...

@sangroid: can i is really the question.

relativelytruthful said...

what is a simbo?

Nefertiti said...

may b u will,may b you wont...
but dont forget the sunscreen.

eeprikka said...

Oh please do share how that thingamajig is used... Everytime I've used it, I consistently end up looking like I got hit in the eye, actually both eyes..