Tuesday, December 14, 2010

stay off the ta-ta's

I love pictures taken in this light. Reminds me of Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides. The opening sequence.

And, I’m just going to stop hugging women.

It’s just gross. Especially when they are really close friends, and the break the unsaid “hug from the side rule.”


For the sake of those who might ever meet me, here are a set of hugs we can indulge in and one we can’t.

Side hug: my right arm across your shoulder, your left arm across mine. Very good.

Lean-to hug: push your face forward, lightly drape arms around extended neck, kiss cheek. Wonderful.

Hello darling hug: body at an angle, sides touch, one arm sort of around back, kiss cheek. All good.

And finally:

Full frontal hug: aka boob to boob hug. No. Never.

I don’t want your lady lumps touching mine. Not at any cost. It feels strange. Like jelly meeting jelly. And it reminds me of being terribly sea sick.

And while we’re on the topic of women, here are two I’ve been meaning to write about.

Ma Baker. Who bakes the most awesome cakes ever. I’ve licked crumbs, hidden the last piece, lied about it being over and would want it to be the last thing I ever eat.

Check out my friend finely chopped’s post on her. And if you want to eat some sinful stuff this Christmas call her at 9967023174 or mail her at gia.fernandes@gmail.com

And finally Yoga Nut. Dude, if you like yoga, you are gonna love Shameem. Stand on your head, become a crow, from the shoulder stand jump down and then back up, turn upside down in a wheel and walk like a crab. Most mornings for an hour I go back to feeling as happy and free and crazy as I was as a kid.


The knife said...

As a Bong Bhadralok with Brit origins never been too comfy with hugs...but that's the currency at Mumbai...so side on side sort of works for me...and a good deo

Grace Personified said...

Two thumbs up for the side hug from me.

How will you survive in Delhi, I wonder. Hugging is the city's obsession :|

Mumbai Diva said...

yup. shameem used to hold classes on carter road about a couple of years back. i used to drag myself out of bed and attend. very nice. am planning to start again.

Eveline said...

I'm a hug junkie! My all time favourite is where the person catches you off guard from behind for a sneak attack hug.

Somewhat strangely, I feel uncomfortable hugging family members. I don't know why, but I guess we've just got used to not hugging each other.