Monday, January 18, 2010

gene pool with a twist of lime

Continuing from you can write a book about us:

When I’m unwell, here’s how my grand mom will react.

“Put Boroline.”

Boroline???? For heaven’s sake I have fever. Get me a doctor.

But no, my grand mom is convinced Boroline is a wonder drug that works for aches, pains, fever, toothache, gas, alien landings, you name it.

This is how my mom will react:

“Drink milk. Don’t I keep telling you to drink milk? But you will never listen to me, because I’m your mother.”

“ Milk? But what does it have to do with my eye infection.”

“ Don’t argue with me. Drink milk.”

So that’s my mom’s cure for everything. And if symptoms persist, fruits, almonds, ghee get added to the list. Sometimes they all have to be dunked in the milk.

And finally here’s my dad.

“Have a drink, go to sleep.”

“But dad the doctor gave me antibiotics.”

“Okay then add some hot water to your drink.”

Now you know why I always wanted to be like my dad.


Small Miracle said...

i agree with ur dad...100% ; )

BlueMist said...

The milk syndrome reminds me those milk ads.
"mere class me ek baccha tha; har roj doodh pita tha; bechara fail ho gaya"


Flickering Cursor said...

McQueen with a penchant for hot-watered drinks? Now I want to be like him too.

mentalie said...

tsk. deep belly breathings. that's the ticket!

Eveline said...

Alcohol is cheaper than crack, so I would advise using that to ease the pain (any kind of pain). :))
Hehe. In all seriousness I try to remind myself that there's always going to be alcohol. And hammering on metal. Creatively, with purpose. :P

Spaz Kumari said...

your grandmother should meet mine. My grandmother's drug of choice is 'sofra'. Just 'sofra'. As in, we've such a pally relationship with a skin ointment, we don't even call it by its proper name, 'soframycin'. We have a cutesy nickname - 'sofra'.

Fever? sofra. headache? sofra. TB? sofra. Death? sofra two times a day.

what a wondrous thing is family.

(also, i am crushing little bit on your dad, but in an entirely non-creepy way.)

Sangfroid said...

Perfect! :-D

Dua aur Dava!

Pinku said...

likes the dad immensely.....

Simply Me said...

i guess the best advice comes from a man wid experience ..hehehehehe ..
Me Likes ur dad :)

Tamanna Mishra said...

I sooo agree with your dad! :D

Great blog you have here..

This is that said...

you are so turn little instances into stories and your family is so beautiful. Boroline. Hot milk. Whiskey. Girl you are so sorted. Put your best foot forward and smile.

Miri said...

I guess its like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding - my husband's cure -all? "water"

agent green glass said...

@small miracle: you fauji girl!

@bluemist: oooh. let me cut paste this and send it to my mom.

@flickering cursor: lol.

@mentalie: deep breathings, followed by rum and coke, of course. or in my case, rolls.

@eve: you wld make my dad proud.

@spazkumari: sofra! you brough back memories. my folks swore on it when i was a kid. it was their medicine of choice for the dog!

@sangfroid: wah wah!

@pinku: me too, me too.

@simplyme: agree. never ignore good advice. specially when it in whiskey glasses.

@tammana: thank you very much.

@this is that: mwaah. you are my role model for sorted babes. really you are.

@miri: water eh? just plain water? or watered down drinks will do?

Anita :) said...

Daddy Cool..!

ani_aset said...

@BM : hehe kya yaad dila dia
@AGG: What did you try finally? BTW my mom says pranayam for everything :((