Thursday, November 20, 2008

serious thought to an alternate item girl career

This new year,

Rakhi Sawant will rake in 40 lakhs.

Katrina Kaif will make a cool 1 crore.

And Bipasha Basu will carry back 1.5 crores in her clutch bag.

All by shaking a leg. Okay, make that booty and boobs too.

Is it my mood or do you also feel like turning your face skywards and yelling, “ where’s the justice in this world?"


doingmything said...
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doingmything said...

And Paris Hilton shall rake in moolah with her reality show "My new BFF"

A. Paris Hilton already has an obscene amount of moolah.

B. My new BFF !!!!!!! WTF!

No dahling, there is no justice in this world.