Thursday, November 6, 2008

quantums of sula

So last evening i get a call from z. She tells me “want to do something crazy tonight.”

Now that’s always a great way of getting my attention. So of course i immediately agree. Turns out my instincts are sharp because the crazy thing includes free booze, free food, total timepass and a party where i will not know anyone.

Nothing tops my favourite list like “not know anyone”. I don’t know about you, but i have this thing for parties where i will not know people. Always thrilling. Always brimming with possibilities. Never give your real name. Never state your correct occupation. Talk to only those whose faces you like. No boring polite conversation only because tomorrow you will feel bad that i ignored you. And best of all, you can keep bumming cigarettes off strangers without having to worry about them doing the same to you later.

Anyway so then B calls. And I relay the news to him. He decides to join us too.

The party is being hosted in a lounge bar by the sea. It’s by a company that’s having this splash out james bond party for its super exclusive customers. And the girl who’s invite we are piling on to, only knows z. The stage is set for madness.

Needless to say we are the life of the party. We drink like a small lake between us. I, who have been off alcohol, start with rose, move to white wine and then sometime much later realise I’m drinking the red stuff. We storm the gambling tables. We cadge cigarettes off people. We comment on everyone’s clothes, boobs and wigs.

And then we hit the dance floor.

Well, I’m sure the party was a success. And I was very drunk. Because at some point when I was pleading with the DJ to play “one shong, one laast shong”, some strange men came up to me and said, “ Thank you for the danshing!”

They thought we were being paid to do all that stuff.

Damn. I have a new career.

(PS: too hung-over to tell you guys about the characters at the party. That shall be my next post. Mr ill fitting wig man, Miss can’t keep your boobs in your shirt, Miss nice skirt from lokhandwala, Mr airline guy who’s wearing a feather boa across his neck. And Miss is that a man or a woman! And they thought we were being paid to entertain them???!!!)

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