Thursday, January 13, 2011

some days i'm a hipster

i should have been a milliner.

some people loves shoes. some love make up. me, i love headgear.


Flickering Cursor said...

Had to google milliner. But that looks like something the Mad Hatter would be proud of.

Digistrom said...

Bling Bling! Cute.

Slightly psychotic looking expression though. :P

Sroyon said...

I want to make friandship with you. You are very pretty.


agent green glass said...

@ flickering cursor: also google little shilpa then.

@ digistrom: heh. now that you mention it, yes. it does look a little stab-you-in-shower like.

@ sroyon: lol!

agent green glass said...
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relativelytruthful said...

you're so pretty!

i know my wordpress username makes this^ a Fail, but i'm serious! :D