Monday, April 19, 2010

let me make you an offer you can't refuse

Dear people,

Just wanted to let you know that I could help you with marketing solutions, branding, events and promotions.

Now kindly deposit 7 crores in my bank account.

Yours in sweat,



mentalie said...

damn. if only i had 7 crores they'd be yours, agg!

Mudra said...


Himanshu Tandon said...

Send in your A/C number... :)

Flickering Cursor said...

Make me. Where's the 200-slide ppt? Where's the philosophy book? Who's your mustached mascot?

agent green glass said...

@mentalie: sigggh

@mudra: : )

@himanshu: sure. get ur swiss bank to call mine.

@flickering cursor: ummm...all that comes later dude. you pay for sweat equity in advance no?

hyde said...

Have transferred from my secret account in St. Kitts Island. Kindly revert back with acknowledgment.

Anita :) said...

7 crores? ah, so close..!!
U ready for negotiation?

kro said...

did that women in the photo just drop some SCOTCH???
goddamit, im calling the AA equivalent of PETA right now!

also, the WV had the letters "bill" in it.

Sangfroid said...

What's that? Seven peti's or khokha's? :D

Anamika said...

what an horrendously, crappie-sly, ridiculous request....growup woman.or when will you? Huh?

Eveline said...

I think i might have a sure-fire strategy for winning the lottery. How about i put you in the 'nice-things-to-do-for-people fund'? :))

agent green glass said...

@hyde: sorry to inform you. but nothing has reached my account as yet.

@anita: okay, let's make it 6 crores. only for you.

@kro: yup, looks like she did. who cares. its not rum and coke dude. its just some scotch.

@sangfroid: petis no?

@anamika: oooh, my creepy man/woman. you're back.

@eve: thanks eve. lemme know when that fund matures.

ani_aset said...

ahh how i wish i had so much to give :D